Bruno start surfing in my surf school back in the year 2000... is a pure soul art surfer


México - Puerto Escondido 2004

A special video in day of a special competition... Invitational tube ride contest Puerto Escondido 2004

(Filmed by Pedro Casqueira)




Flat... English version...

FLAT from Surf/Sociedade/Economia/Cidade on Vimeo.

Documentary made by students of ESEC onthe SOS Cabedelo Movement.


Volcom Stone's Rumblefish Surf Series

A silver vinyl as trophie. The Volcom crew Rock.

Kiko waiting for the final.


Kiko got another 2 place, this time Under 17 boys at Volcom Stone's Rumblefish Surf Series in Porto. And got the qualified to enter in the Volcom Stone's Rumblefish Surf Series European final April 2010 in Anglet France. Tanks to all the Volcom crew for the amazing work during that weekend.


Flying Cut Back

Flying Cut Back... Kiko's Trade mark move...


Kiko Surfing in a Local Secret Spot...

Kiko's surfing improved a lot this summer... (Photos by Antonio Pedro)


National cup...

(Getting ready for the final)

(Kiko, Alex Wilkinson, Laura Upton & Eurico Gonçalves)

(Kiko & the Peniche City Mayor)

(On is way to celebrate with the family)

(2 very especial people. A good friend and Kiko's grand dad)

Kiko got 2 place in the national cup under 16 boys...




Good Man Down

Good Man Down

Remembering Air France Flight 447 and the late Dr. Jose 'Rommel' Souza.

June 12, 2009, 11:14 AM

By: Special To ESPN By Richard Gaunt

Tragically Dr. Jose 'Rommel' Souza was among the souls lost when Air France Flight 447 went down off the coast of Brazil, but thankfully the good doctor took full advantage of every moment while he was with us.

Tragically, on the 7th June 2009 Air France Flight 447 en route from Rio to Paris crashed into the Atlantic killing all 228 passengers on board. And while this terrible incident has been widely reported across the news channels, as we find out more about what happened and who was on board the personal stories of those souls lost are coming to light. Sadly, surfing lost one of its own on June 7, Dr. Jose 'Rommel' Souza. The following piece was graciously submitted by Mr. Richard Gaunt, one of Jose's close friends. Our hearts and best wishes go out to all those affected.—Jake Howard

Those who read the detailed press releases may have come across the story of a Brazilian orthodontist from London who tragically died, aged 35, on his birthday along with his beautiful girlfriend Isis Pinet. What they may not have read or have known was that he was a surfer, one of the best, who touched the lives of so many people around the world in his pursuit of the perfect wave. He represented everything that is special about our sport and although his death was tragic, what will be remembered is his life which was an inspiration to all those who knew and surfed with him.

Time to tip a Bintang or two in memory of Dr. Jose Souza.

Dr Jose 'Rommel' Souza was born in Rio. A goofy foot, he grew up surfing the beach breaks of Rio and then moved to London, via Paris, in pursuit of his career—an orthodontist.

From the beaches of Rio, Cornwall and Hossegor to the heavy reefs of Hawaii, Fiji and Indonesia, Rommel travelled the world to surf. Most London based surfers check the weekend forecasts for the South West, Rommel would check the entire Atlantic sea-board such was his commitment. Weekend trips to Mundaka, Madeira and Lanzarote were the norm rather than the exception, if the surf was good Rommel would go. As he used to say, as long as he caught just one wave, any trip was worth it.

His personal surf highlights included surfing 2nd reef Pipeline, Teahupoo, J-Bay, G-land and Cloudbreak, although he never did manage to catch the latter at a decent size! Perhaps one of his most memorable rides was at Uluwatu, on a huge day, he rode the wave so far he had to get a motorbike back from Padang beach.

In an era where UK waves are forever becoming more crowded, he was a shining example of what a committed inland surfer should be. Whether it was his favourite point near Bude, the Southcoast gem that is Porthleven or a quick short-stop flight to Madeira to surf big Jardim Do Mar, his ability in the water and respect for the local surfers meant that he was always welcome.

Rommel's death has brought much sadness but his life and achievements should be a lesson to us all. So the next time it is cold and onshore and you decide to give it a miss, think again. Or the next time a big swell pushes in and you have the fear just remember that you may not get a chance like this again.

We have lost a true warrior in his passing. The bond established between those who surf runs deep—there are few non surfers who can relate to it. Our community is weaker without him.

'Paddle Outs' are occurring around the world this weekend in Devon, New York and Rio.

A testament to a true friend and warrior, he will be sadly missed.


Package 1 & 2

Make your reservation NOW at gosurfingproject@gmail.com ...


Dominc come for a visit...

Dominic & me geting ready for the sea food festival at one of the restaurants in town...
All that sea food, for only 16€ per person... Got to love the place...



Dates available for June, July, August & September... For more info on accommodation & facilities: gosurfingproject@gmail.com


The Best Concert Ever...

Home is where I want to be

Pick me up and turn me round

I feel numb - burn with a weak heart

(So I) guess I must be having fun

The less we say about it the better

Make it up as we go along

Feet on the ground

Head in the sky

It's ok I know nothing's wrong . . nothing






  • In Flagranti - I Can Thrill and Delight
  • Cansei de Ser Sexy - Move
  • Junior Boys - So This is Goodbye
  • Hot Chip - Over & Over
  • Mandy & Alex Kid - Neverending mix
  • Peaches - Talk to Me
  • Peter Bjorn and John - Nothing to Worry About
  • X - Wife - Ping Pong
  • The Good The Bad & The Queen - The Good The Bad & The Queen
  • Tiguana Bibles - Against the Law



Anchor Point...




  • M'as Foice - Galinheiro / http://www.myspace.com/masfoice
  • Tédio Boys - Bah Bah Bah / http://www.myspace.com/tedioboys
  • Wraygun - Shes a Gogo Dancer / http://www.myspace.com/wraygunn
  • 77 - Im mortal Che / http://www.myspace.com/elevatormusicartist
  • The Parkinsons - Primitive / http://www.myspace.com/121905745
  • Bunny Ranch - It's Good / http://www.myspace.com/bunnyranchspace
  • d3o - Rehab Amy Winehouse Cover / http://www.myspace.com/d3orock
  • Legendary Tigerman - Masquerade / http://www.myspace.com/thelegendarytigerman
  • Tu Metes Nojo - Mete Nojo / http://www.myspace.com/tumetesnojo
  • Ruby Ann & The Boppin Boozers - I Hear You Talkin
  • Belle Chase Hotel - La Toilette des Étoiles
  • Sean Riley & the Slow Riders - H & W / http://www.myspace.com/seanrileymusic
  • Ruby Ann - Just for You / http://www.myspace.com/missrubyann
  • hedonic2 - Live @ Fiat Club / http://www.myspace.com/hedonic2
  • JP Simões - Canção do Jovem Cão / http://www.myspace.com/jpsimoes
  • Tiguana Bibles - Lost Words / http://www.myspace.com/tiguanabibles



Hi guys... Just to let you know that the national cicuit is about to start, and this year will be at my surfing home town, Figueira da Foz... See you all there...


25 de Abril SEMPRE...

The only revolution made with flowers...

BBC ON THIS DAY | 25 | 1974: Rebels seize control of Portugal

1974: Rebels seize control of Portugal
Army rebels are in control of Portugal tonight after an almost bloodless dawn coup ended nearly 50 years of dictatorship...


Carnation Revolution

The Carnation Revolution (Portuguese: Revolução dos Cravos), also referred to as the 25 de Abril, was a left-leaning military coup[1] started on April 25, 1974, in Lisbon, Portugal, that effectively changed the Portuguese regime from an authoritarian dictatorship to a democracy after two years of a transitional period known as PREC (Processo Revolucionário Em Curso, or On-Going Revolutionary Process), characterized by social turmoil and power dispute between left and right wing political forces. Despite repeated appeals from the revolutionaries on the radio inciting the population to stay home, thousands of Portuguese descended on the streets, mixing themselves with the military insurgents.[2] The military-led coup can be described as the necessary means of bringing back democracy to Portugal, ending the unpopular Colonial War where thousands of Portuguese soldiers had died, and replacing the authoritarian Estado Novo (New State) regime and its secret police which repressed independent thinking and other political ideals.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Figueira da Foz By Air...




  • HerbeMatthew rt - 100lbs
  • Dave Aju - Tapatio
  • UFO Underground Society - In The Woods
  • Pendle Coven - Unit 6
  • Bronnt Industries Kapital - Objects & Purpose
  • TChateau Flight - SuPeRLIGH
  • Noze - You Have to Dance
  • Uxu Kalhus- Erva Cidreira
  • Ezra Reich - Hideaway
  • Steve Reich - Fast


Mr Jonathan Harvey, Feedback...

Mr Harvey himself...
also in the photo, Ivo & Simon "the rock star"

Sushi time...
Starting from Left: Gonçalo Ruivo, Jonathan Harvey, SRS, João Bracourt

Surfing at São Julião...
(Photos : João Bracourt)

"Wow and amazing!!
perfec couple of days.Gosurfingproject GO GO GO!

Arrived Lisbon Sunday night and explored Barrio Alto by night!Met Eurico Monday and the tour begins!
what a pleasure and inspiration to watch Eurico and Brek at work from the cliffs at Coxos!
Love the pictures Brek!Gosurfingproject is for all surfers as shown by pics!!!
We managed to surf every dayMon-Wed in conditions for beginners(Carcavelos1-2 ft)to higher levels (ericeira)
Loved the evening tours of Lisbon Mon was an old skool lisbon diner,tuesday Sushi !!
Not just a surf trip but a whirlwind cultural tour!
Saving up for another trip!!

yours |Mr Jonathan and much love from Terry Tibbs!!!"

Cheers Mr Harvey...


In half again...

This was my Poker aces Sharky Board...
(photo : Brek)


Back on a Shortboard...

Kiko in action

Me back on a shortboard

Last weekend me and Kiko, been competing on a local shortboard contest, we lost in the 1st round, but was a very nice experience for both.
For me was going back to my roots. I started surfing 25 yars ago on a 7'6 Goltziana a (one of the first made boards from a old local brend), and I grow up surfing using shortboards. I used shortboards on my firts steps in surfing competitions and just started Longboarding in 2001.

Kiko surfing is coming really good, and I can't wait for the summer to begin.


Mr Jonathan Harvey...

São Julião
Jonathan having fun in the surf

The Bar...
Starting from left: João Bracourt, Eurico Gonçalves, Jonathan Harvey & Some Rock Star.

Jonathan Harvey, came to visit me for a quick surf in Lisbon, we surf in Carcavelos the first day and Ericeira the following 2 days.
We ad Sushi in www.clubedosushi.com, and then we went for a drink in this bar in the old part of Lisbon "Alfama" with my friend Brek and Ivo.

Nice to Surf with you John. Brek says Hi.


Having Fun...

No comments...

(photo - www.joaobracourt.com)


Tiago Pires...

"The Portuguese Tiger", as he is affectionately known, is into his second year on tour and there is a good chance that the natural-footer from Portugal's renowned surfing town of Ericeira will be stronger than ever in 2009. Having impressed the ASP Top 45 in Tahiti and Indonesia with great backhand tuberides, locations where he was expected least to perform, Pires has yet to show his righthand pointbreak attack to the rest of his ASP Dream Tour fellows and with more confidence and experience, he has a second chance to improve and hopefully unleash his beautiful on-the-rail surfing at Snapper Rocks, Bells Beach and J-Bay. Asset No. 3 of 5 of the European crew, Pires will be part of the biggest European crew ever to compete on the ASP World Tour.

In aspworldtour.com

(photo - João Bracourt)

Tiago "Saca" Pires, practicing in Ribeira D'ilhas for the next WCT...

Look at the spray... Washhhh.

Good luck Tiago.



(photos - João Bracourt)

A good surfing day in "Coxos"... Meens Barrel time... And this day was not exception. My friend "Brek" was in the water to register the moment, bless you João.


Just a Memory...


24H with Beau Young...

The boys getting ready

Me and Beau.


Surfing is all about sharing waves knowledge on the waves...

and in the shore...

In 2007 beau Young (twice World Longboard Champion 2000 & 2003) come to Lagos in tour to present is 2º album "Still" (2006)... Me, Dom, Simon Williams and David Orr, went to the acoustic concert in the pub, and in the next day Beau came surfing with us in Amoreira... Then he went to Lisbon for another gig... all the best to every one... And Beau was nice to surf with you again, hope to see you soon somewhere in the world... Peace brother.


Alex & I...

(Photo Hugo Valente)

Hows Mr GAY in here??? Hi mr Wilkinson.


Hang Five at Cotillo...

(photo : Hugo Valente)

I kind of like this pic, the colors, the green and grey, the B&W, and the position of the board in relation with the wave. Keep on the good work Hugo.



The big storms that it the atlantic in january it wasent very good for Portugal, stormy windy messy all the time in my home town... But a Israelitan friend send me this photos from is home breaks... Cheque This Out...

Yes this is a wave in Israel... friend of Arthur stoked with this great wall.

Arthur Rashkovan in a powerfull snap... Nice spray Arthur.


Same day last year...

(photo Hugo Valente)

Fuerteventura March 2008...